Shopping in Udaipur – Best Places To Pick Rajasthan Specials In 2022

Every inch of every street in Udaipur is saturated with ascetic and indigenous beliefs. This city of lakes is a rainbow of colors and a pleasure for shoppers.

It is a must-see location for tourists, who will be delighted to discover a large number of palaces, water reservoirs, and temples. The plethora of shopping possibilities in Udaipur is just the icing on the cake.

Here’s The List Of Some Best Shopping Spots In Udaipur

You’ll never be bored while visiting this incredible metropolis because there’s something for everyone, from malls to markets to local shopping in Udaipur.

The Amazing World Of Artists And Their Paintings – HathiPol Bazar

Hathi Pol is a major market in Udaipur for Rajasthani handicrafts and folk arts, where you can discover a wide range of crafts and traditions. It is a popular spot for locals, so it is reasonably priced. This market is the ideal location to buy Rajasthani art if you enjoy digging through piles of rugs and blankets. It’s one of Udaipur’s finest markets.

Even if the articles aren’t particularly pricey at first, vendors will not hesitate to boost prices significantly when there is a hint of tourists. As a result, bargains are the motto here.

Bada Bazaar – Choose Genuine Rajasthani Decor Jutis Here

Bada Bazar is a colorful market full of tiny shops, large showrooms, and exhibitions that showcase the spectacular variety of exquisite Rajasthani goods. This best clothes shop in Udaipur is a great place to go in July if you’re looking for something to do in Udaipur. Traditional clothing in vibrant colors is available at every step you take. It’s the perfect location to stock up on gifts for your friends and family in Udaipur. In addition, it’s a fantastic spot to go shopping for jewelry in Udaipur.

Chetak Circle – Handicrafts Galore

Chetak Circle is a busy market with a fantastic variety of handicrafts, brass goods, greeting cards, precious gems, traditional jewelry boxes that are beautifully painted, and hand-stitched papers. This makes Chetak Circle a popular place to walk around in Udaipur for street shopping.

Bapu Bazaar – For Ceramics, Clothes, Gadgets, And More

Bapu Bazar is a marketplace in Udaipur that sells clothing, kitchenware, gadgets, shoes, school uniforms, and khadi products. It’s a lively market with lots of things going on at all hours of the day. From enthusiastic vendors to interested travelers, the market has never been dull on a typical day. It’s also well-known for its street food, making it Udaipur’s finest market.

Shilpgram – Kahani Shilpkaron Ki

Shilpgram is a local crafts village near Fateh Sagar in Udaipur, about 3 kilometers west of the lake. Over a huge area of 70 acres, the hamlet, which was constructed primarily of mud homes and wooden structures, is highlighted with straw and branches. You can purchase all sorts of rural products like pottery, handcrafted art, and wooden furniture here. What adds to the excitement is the rustic setting with classical dancing to traditional music in the background.

Apart from being a shopping mecca in Udaipur, the most interesting aspect of this location is how it was built. It lets you glimpse the life of a rural Rajasthan native.

Rajasthani – One of the finest shopping locations in Udaipur.

Rajasthani handicrafts and artifacts may be found at Rajasthali, a government emporium that sells a wide range of handicrafts. There’s a lot of Rajasthani crafts here, including brass, terra-cotta, precious and semi-precious stones, mirrors, marbles, and more artistic things. 

Rajasthani culture is beautifully represented throughout this shop, which offers a comprehensive look at Rajasthan’s illustrious history. It features everything from textiles to puppets, gems to sandals, and headgear to deities. Popular for shopping in Udaipur, Rajasthali is a fantastic location to discover all of Mewar’s many colors.

Rajasthali is a fixed-price boutique that eliminates the trouble of bargaining. Rajasthali is most likely the finest location for jewelry purchasing in Udaipur due to its set prices.

Sadhna Emporium – Dab in The Colors of Rajasthan

Sadhna Emporium was formed in 1988 to provide alternative employment for women residing in Udaipur’s rural, tribal, and urban slum areas. This shopping mall is the Seva Mandir crafts outlet, an NGO that works with rural and tribal communities in Rajasthan.

Sadhna Emporium helps to preserve and promote ancient artisans’ skills while also contributing to community development. On modest charges, colorful, bright textiles are available here, making it one of the most inexpensive and best shopping destinations in Udaipur.

Sadhna Emporium is recognized for its excellence in applique and running stitch-tanka embroidery. The collection of goods includes bed linen, cushion coverings, table mats & coasters, table cloths, bags, dairies, dupattas, kurtas, sarees, and jackets. These goods are far more affordable than those available in Udaipur’s malls.

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